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How to register Perfectmoney.com account

How to register Perfectmoney.com account

Perfectmoney.com is a website that is used to conduct transactions or payments online. Perfectmoney.com similar to Paypal, alerpay and moneybookers.

There are several functions that can be used if you become a member Perfectmoney.com:
  • You can transfer money among the members Perfectmoney.com
  • Can be used to conduct transactions or payments in online business.
  • You'll earn interest each year from Perfectmoney.com based on your final balance in Perfectmoney.com.
  • You will get a bonus of 1% of your referrals each monthly activity.
  • Can make buying and selling gold, and currencies USD and EUR.
There are several types of membership contained in Perfectmoney.com:

NormalGiven to all customers who registered without limitation of the use of the system.

Awarded for active customers more than one year or by defining the value of the transfer balance. Normal To upgrade your account, Customer must submit a separate request to Customer Service. Premium Status assume a commission fee that is less than the cost to be paid by the users with Normal status.

Provided only by the administration of Perfect Money for the partners to optimize B2B payments from the company that does business over the Internet.

If you will make a deposit into Perfectmoney.com, there are several ways you can do:

Bank Transfer
Is the most convenient thing to do. You only need to verify with your money transfer evidence.

Electronic Currency
You can make a deposit by transferring from another online bank.

Partner Exchange
You can make a deposit by transferring from another member Perfectmoney.com.

If you want to register Perfectmoney.com, how that must be addressed:
  • Go to the website, click here
  • Click on the list and then fill in all existing forms correctly.
  • Verification of your email.
  • you are already a member Perfectmoney.com

How To Register a Paypal Account

Step 1
Select "Personal" account and click "Get Started" at the Sign Up page.

Step 2
Fill in your personal information, e.g. Phone no, address, etc.

Step 3
Choose "Pay with my credit card". Once your credit card is registered, you will never need to input the credit card info again when shopping at websites accepting PayPal.

Step 4
Input your credit card information. Your financial information will never be released to the seller by PayPal.

Step 5
Finished! You can use your PayPal account for shopping now!

How To Verify Your Paypal Using Smartmoney

Good new to all pinoy marketers coz we can now verify paypal by using smartmoney, just follow the step below.

Ensure Internet transactions are unlocked on your SmartMoney account.
To do this, go to your Smart menu and open SmartMoney. There should be "Internet Txns" menu option there. If you don't see it anywhere, you can call SmartMoney helpdesk and request for that menu to be activated OR text "internet" (without the quotes) and send to 343. This should activate the Internet Txns menu on your Smart menu.
If Internet Txns is already available, select that and choose Unlock and pick your SmartMoney card name. You'll be asked to enter your PIN. Wait for the confirmation that Internet transactions are unlocked then proceed to the next step. NOTE: Your Internet Txns will automatically locked after 30 mins or after 2 transactions.

Enter SmartMoney Account details to Paypal.

Login to Paypal and click on the Get Verified link on the main page of your account.

Fill up all the information on the next page using your SmartMoney card number, expiration date, etc.

Wait for Confirmation from Paypal.
You should receive a text message from Smart that says EXPUSE and it includes a code that looks like "P*####". The 4 numbers actually is the confirmation code you need to enter on your Paypal account to finish the verification process. WAIT PATIENTLY

Enter the Confirmation Code to Paypal.
Now, before you can do this, you HAVE to unlock Internet Txns again through your Smart menu. Remember that Smart locks your SmartMoney account after every online transaction.
Once you've unlocked it, go back to your Paypal account page and enter the confirmation code that you received. You should receive a confirmation message that your Paypal account has been verified.

MegaTypers Affiliate

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 MegaTypers Affiliate


Before proceeding we highly recommend that you read the Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

How to Start?

The first thing you need to do is create a new affiliate code. Affiliate codes can be created in the "Affiliate Codes" page (as seen below in the picture).

You may also go into the "Affiliate Codes" page by going into the following url http://www.megatypers.com/affiliates/codes

In the "Affiliate Codes" page you will find a program that will help you add more buttons.

You must click the "ADD NEW CODE" button on the far right of the page. A popup will appear. You may add a description to your new code if you want to, but it’s optional to do so. Click on “SAVE CODE” when finished.

Now you have your first affiliate code!

How many affiliate codes do I have to create?

You only need 1 affiliate codes to start. Any code can handle an unlimited amount of invited people. The only reason you can add more affiliate codes is to determine what kind of promotion activity is working best for you.

For example: Let’s say that you want to invite family members through emails, friends through a social network (Facebook) and other people from a local classifieds newspaper. You can create one code for emailing your family members, another code for your friends (Facebook) and a third one for the classifieds page.

This way you have the change to know of which promotion activity is working better and you can focus on that one.

How do you invite people with my affiliate code?

To start inviting people you need to do the following:

1-) Instruct the people you want to invite to go to: http://www.megatypers.com/register

2-) Instruct them that they need to enter your Affiliate Code in the box that says "Invitation Code"

The people you invite won’t be able to register an account without your invitation code.
You can invite more people through emails, blogs, classified pages, forums, social networks, etc. Remember to include a convincing reason why they should register and start working, this will allow you to have more people to register and you will earn more money. Don’t forget to include the link to http://www.megatypers.com and your invitation code!

How can I view how many referrals I have invited?

You can see how many referrals your have invited by going into the "Affiliate Dashboard" page.

We’re currently working on adding more information about the people you have invited. We will update this page and add another one giving you detailed statistics of each of your referrals.

Can you please give me more info about payments ?

Payments are done on the same days and under the same conditions that the regular work payments are made. The only difference is that you need a minimum of 5 paid referrals to start receiving commission payments.

Can I create 5 accounts, work on each of them and then collect 10% commission on my own work?

No. This is strictly prohibited and is constantly monitored. We detect these activities before we release payments. If you do this, none of your accounts will be paid and all of your affiliate accounts will be canceled. We have no tolerance for cheaters.

MegaTypers Rules

You are getting plenty of kickouts. You must type images before the timer goes to 0 to avoid kickouts. Your account is now permanently suspended, and will not be unbanned.


Rules and Tips:


  • Work fast
    This is both a Rule and a Tip. You will earn more money in less time if you work faster. On the other hand, your account will be permanently suspended if the Image timer frequently expiries.
  • Type Correctly. Even the uppercase and lowercase letters!
    Always read and check what you type before you press Enter. It is very important that you type as accurately as possible. You will also need to type UPPER CASE LETTERS (Capital letters) and lower case letters (minuscule letters) exactly as they’re shown in the images.
    Your account may be permanently suspended if you make too many typing mistakes.
  • Don’t Type Garbage!
    We understand that anyone can make a few mistakes while typing, but it is a very serious offense to purposely type incorrect text. Any text that doesn’t resemblance the content of the Image is considered “garbage”. We will suspend your account and not pay you if you type garbage text.
  • Only click “DON’T KNOW” when necessary
    Only click "DON'T KNOW" for images that can't be read after they have loaded. Sometimes images will take a few seconds to be loaded. Avoid pressing "DON'T KNOW" until the image has properly loaded.
  • Scammers sell software, don't use them!
    Some scammers sell software that claim to make images appear faster. This is not true. The only thing that would improve how fast the images are showing is upgrading the internet connection that you're currently using. Using these softwares may potentially harm your computer and they will get your account suspended.
  • Never Try to Cheat
    Follow your instincts, if you think something is wrong then don't do it. We’re very happy to have you as part of our team, but we have zero tolerance for cheaters. Don't risk getting your account suspended and losing your money! Work honestly and secure your payment.


  • Images are not loading up fast enough?
    If the timer is running and images are not loading fast enough, then you might have a problem with your internet connection. Make sure that you're not downloading anything and that nobody else is using the internet while you are working.
    If the images are still not loading up in time, you should upgrade to a faster internet connection.
  • Press the Esc Key as a shortcut for the "DON'T KNOW" button
    Pressing the Esc key will make the same action as clicking the "DON'T KNOW" button.
  • Working with 2 word images (Several Tips)
    • Always leave a space between the two words:
    • If one of the words is only partially readable, then type the readable part (try to avoid the "DON'T KNOW" button)
    • You don't need to type symbols or punctuation marks.
  • Images with spaces and letter separation
    Be careful with images that appear to have spaces between the letters, most of them don't! You will only need to type space on images that has 2 words.
  • Only focus on main text
    There are some images that appear to have small sized text at the top or at the bottom. Avoid typing this small text! Only type the larger and most visible contents of the image.
  • Type faster taking Free Typing Lessons
    You can improve your typing speeds substantially if you take free typing lessons. I have used free software to improve my typing speed and I can now type a lot faster! I went from 30 Words per Minute to 60 Words per Minute. I've been using computers for over 10 years and I've never typed as fast as right now.
    Use Google to find "free typing software" and improve your results! I personally prefer RapidTyping (English only software).

MegaTypers How To Work

MegaTypers How To Work

Follow the screenshoot below how to start working in megatypers...


You can start working by clicking on "Solve Images" on the TOP left corner of the screen.


Click on Solve Images to start working.

You will need to type the text as shown in the images and press then press Enter. The Images will start appearing one by one automatically.


You must press the Enter key after you typed the text

Each image must be typed with the correct case for each letter.


This is an example of an image with both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Some of the images are only partially readable; you must type the readable portions of the image, even if this means leaving the unreadable part out.


Partially Readable Image

If an image is completely unreadable, you may click the "DON'T KNOW" button.You may also press the Esc key if you want to quickly skip that unreadable image.


Unreadable Image

You may also notice that there’s a timer running on top of your images. You must type the contents of the images before the time runs out.


Type fast! Don't let the timer run out!

When you would like to take a break, type the text (don’t press Enter!) and then click on SUBMIT AND PAUSE.This is the only way to pause. We will know whenever you leave the page or close the browser.


Type the text (don't press Enter) and click the SUBMIT AND PAUSE button to take a break

In MegaTypers.com, the money you make will depend on how much you work and at what time you work.
The amount of money that you earn will depend on Rates. A Rate will show you the amount of money you will earn if you type in 1000 images. For example: If you have a Rate of $0.50 for 1000 images, then you will earn $0.50 when you type in 1000 images.
The Rates will be changing every hour. You can check the rate for every hour of the day in the “Statistics” page. The rate for the current hour will be highlighted.


Example of how Rates are shown. These are not the current rates!

For details of how much you’ve earned, you can go to the "Profile and Payments" page. Here you will find information about:

  • Your balance or the amount of money that you have accumulated so far.
  • The minimum balance that you need to get paid.
  • And other information about your financials.

Payments are made automatically every monday when using the following e-currencies: Paypal, Liberty Reserve, Webmoney.
For other payment methods such as Western Union, payments are made once a month.
And lastly, please read the "Rules" page. Here you will find clear guidelines about what you shouldn't do while working in MegaTypers.com. You can find the "Rules" page after clicking on "Help".


To go into the Rules page, you must click on Help first.

MegaTypers.com is continuously evolving; we recommend that you look into any other page that wasn't mentioned in this tutorial!
Thanks for joining MegaTypers.com! Remember, the faster you work the more you earn!