Tips on Renting Referrals from PTC Sites

In the world of making money from PTCs, it’s a known fact that you won’t be making any big amount in a short period of time without any referrals under you.

Generally, there are two types of referrals. The first one is a referral that you acquire through your referral links and banners, otherwise called as direct referral. In a real world, there are plenty of them. If you are good at spreading your referral links and banners and convincing people, you’ll get lots of direct referrals in no time. Unfortunately, getting direct referrals is not an easy task for most.

The second one is called rented referral. They are the easiest referrals one could make, provided that you have money to spend. That’s because rented referrals can be acquired for a price. Most PTC sites get unreferred members (those that didn’t register under anyone). These members are sold or rented by PTCs in packs for a price. When bought / rented, they will earn for you with the clicks they make for 30 days. After that, they expire. You can either pay again to renew your referrals service so they’ll continue earning for you in the next 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the renewal periods available from your PTC. A referral for rent generally cost around 30 cents or less for one month (prices may be higher in some PTC sites that I haven’t joined yet, I’m not sure).

Although renting referrals is an easy way to get referrals working for you, it requires a bit of management and math to really profit from them. That’s because there are times when people purchase referrals and end up not getting the money they spent back even after the referrals expired. In effect, they are spending more than what they earn. If this is your case, better rethink your referral renting practice.

Here are some useful tips which you could use when renting referrals to avoid wasting money and start profiting from it:

1. As a rule of thumb, many high-earning PTC users don’t invest anything from their pockets when it comes to PTCs. They’d rather earn first what they need to invest in the site than spend their own cash and go scratching their heads when the site goes haywire the next day. Start from scratch. Then start spending once you’ve acquired the amount necessary to buy the smallest pack of referrals. It might be a slow start but you can brag about the fact that you started from scratch and made it big in a PTC site without investing any money except hard work and your time.

2. Rent referrals only from trusted sites. It’s a sad fact that there are PTC sites that sell bots instead of real people as referrals. If this happens, the bot will click minimally or stop altogether. Before doing any referral buying, make sure that the site can be trusted in terms of renting referrals. Clixsense are proven PTCs that sell real members as referrals instead of bots.

3. You must be able to recycle your referrals. Recycling means replacing a referral for a new one, especially if it’s underperforming. Imagine buying 50 referrals and then having only 20 0r 10 of them clicking while the rest barely clicks at all. Why pay for the rest of them when they’re not doing you any good? If there’s no recycling of referrals available for you to do manually, better rethink buying referrals. It’ll be just a waste of money.

4. Once you’ve rented referrals already, don’t cashout all your funds when you reach the minimum payout. It’s best to save those funds for managing and maintaining your referrals. If you always leave your funds empty, next thing you know you’re out of referrals as you can’t renew nor buy new ones because you don’t have funds anymore.

5. Manage your referrals regularly. Have time to look at your rented referrals. Recycle the underperformers and keep the ones that regularly make you money. Recycling, by the way, costs also so if you’re out of funds because of cashing out all of it too early, you’ll be stuck with your underperforming referral until they expire. Recycling underperformers might cost you but it will only be a minimal amount which you could earn back if you get a replacement referral that clicks more ads. Use common sense when recycling underperformers. You might have a referral that used to click the maximum number of ads then suddenly stops clicking for three days. Don’t recycle them immediately just because of this. They could be on a vacation or having some momentary trouble and then return to their usual clicking later on. Always think that it’s hard to come by referrals that religiously click all the time.

6. Always make sure to renew your referrals that perform better for another month or two. Like I said earlier, it’s hard to come by good clickers especially during these times when rentable referrals get sold out fast in just a few minutes. So always make sure that they stay with you for a long time.

7. Save up for buying more referrals. This is to make more bucks faster.

8. Always click your ads. Don’t miss it. You’ll be wasting potential earnings if you miss out even a day.

9. If you can finally afford one, upgrade your account to get more out of your referrals and personal clicks.

10. Don’t forget to do some math all the time. Always make sure that you get back the amount you spent for your referrals and make profit also. Always remember that you need to grow in terms of earnings and not just merely survive inside any PTC program.


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